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Intellectual Property Right Focus on the challenges and pressures that our clients encounter, provide competitive battery solutions and services, and continuously create maximum value for our client




Company Capability    Research & Development Strength

Company Capability
Fullymax has two scientific research teams from Japan and the United States, a professional R&D engineering and technical team of more than 130 people who are engaged in the battery industry, and the management team for more than 30 years


Company Capability Company Capability Company Capability
R&D Center Safety Performance Test Center Electric Performance Test Center


Outstanding results of independent research and development: battery with fast charging capability, long cycle life, high reliability, high power and high gravimetric energy density applied in eVTOL of electric aircraft field; Start-Start battery with super high power with good high&low temperature performance.


ØWith the goal of creating customer/user value, we have a close and thorough communication mechanism with industry customers, have a deep understanding of the industry's application of high-rate batteries.
Øhave good and close collaborative development with upstream suppliers (such as raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers).
ØAs a member of the industry association, we maintain good communication and discussion and learning mechanisms with peer technology development teams.


ØContinues to innovate with the two-wheel drive of market and technology.



Intellectual Property Right


High-tech Enterprise, Engineering & Technology R&D Center, Member of Gugangdong Power battery Standardization Committee, with 43 patents.

Company Capability Company Capability Company Capability
1 design patents 17 invention patents 25 utility model patents





Company Capability    Manufacturing Capability

Company Capability




ØStacking/per day:50Kpcs


ØWinding/per day:5,00Kpcs


ØRegular Model:≤8 weeks  


ØCustomized:16-18 weeks(The first order, if nonew facility added )


Company Capability Company Capability





Company Capability     Quality Management Syste

Company Capability

Management Improvement according to international standards


Company Capability Company Capability


Quality Management                                                 





Production OQC

 ØSupplier Management: • QCDS


                                              • System Audit


 ØIQC: • IQC test


               •​ NG 8D report


               •​ ComponentReliability test


                   • Abnormal Quality Issue report sheet




  Ø IPQA routing check




 Ø ORT test


 Ø 4M change management

  Ø OQA random inspection


  Ø NG Lot 8D report



  Chemical & Physics Test RoHS Electrical Test

 ØKF Coulometer


 ØLaser Particle Sizer


 ØGurley precision Instruments


 ØConductivity tester

ØEnergy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

 Ø PCM Tester


 Ø Consistent Tem. & humidity Tester




Safety and environmental Certificates


 ØSimulation tests of safety certificates proceeded


 ØService of certificates application for customers

Company Capability


Performance Test Capability


 ØElectric Performance Test


 ØSafety Performance Test


 ØMechanical Performance Test


 ØEnvironmental Performance Test


 ØStoring Performance Test

Company Capability Company Capability




Company Capability    Supply Chain Capability

Company Capability


Cooperative development with various suppliers. Over the past more than ten years, we have been adhering to the corporate culture of win-win cooperation and have established a cooperative relationship of mutual trust and mutual support.


ØCell design and manufacture


Ødesign and manufacture independently


ØRaw material and facilities


Ø100% joint R&D and outsourced production


Company Capability Company Capability





Company Capability    Exhibitions

Company Capability

Company Capability


Company Capability


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