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Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd.
Fullymax Battery Co., Ltd., with the brand name Fullymax, it is an innovative high-tech enterprise and National Little Giant specializing in the research, development and production of high rate discharge pouch cells, battery packs, and battery BMS solutions in China.
Fullymax was established in 2001, with a plant area of more than 20,000 square meters and about 800 employees currently. Adhering to the corporate vision of ‘Become a global leading new energy enterprise with high rate discharge battery as the core’, Fullymax has two scientific research teams from Japan and the United States, a professional R&D engineering and technical team of more than 130 people who are engaged in the battery industry, and the management team for more than 30 years. With the corporate mission of Focus on the challenges and pressures that our clients encounter, provide competitive battery solutions and services, and continuously create maximum value for our clients, providing customized cell solutions and optimal battery assembly solutions to meet the individual needs of customers in an all-round way. Relying on the technical and quality advantages of excellent high rate discharge performance, high energy density, reliable safety performance, and ultra-long cycle characteristics, Fullymax has established supply and demand cooperation with many well-known enterprises in the industry, and the brand is well-known at home and abroad. Fullymax focuses on the high rate discharge pouch batteries, including power batteries for electric aviation aircraft (eVTOL), electric power , drones, electronic cigarettes, fast charging batteries,12V/48V Start/Stop batteries and jump starter for car, RC professional remote control models and toy , military and special equipment, etc. FULLYMAX batteries are also widely used in smart home like sweeping robots, vacuum cleaners, small power tools, etc.; 3C consumer electronics like remote control handles, beauty equipment, portable projectors, etc., smart Bluetooth products, medical equipment ,ect
In the future, Fullymax Battery will, as always, adhere to core values of ‘Customer first, Integrity and professionalism, Scientific innovation and Win-win cooperation’, and strive to provide one-stop power solutions. Looking forward to long-term cooperation with more customers to jointly develop a sustainable green energy industry.
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Enterprice Culture

Become a global leading new energy enterprise with high rate discharge battery as the core
Focus on the challenges and pressures that our clients encounter, provide competitive battery solutionsand services, and continuosly create maximum value for our clients.
Core Values
Customer first Integrity and professionalism Scientific innovation Win-win cooperation



For more than 20 years, we have been following one mission: Exploring particle technology to drive world progress
Fullymax inherits the spirit of ingenuity, focuses on technological innovation in the field of grinding and dispersion, explores a wider range of application scenarios of micro particle technology, which creates a better life experience for human beings and drives the development and progress of the world.
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  • In 2021

    Fullymax was rewarded as "National Little Giant" Enterprise of China

    Fullymax Smart Battery Powered Drone Light Show at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • In 2018
    Fullymax joins Guangdong UAV Association and rewarded as member of Guangdong Power battery Standardization Committee. As a member of industry associtaion, we maintain good communication and learning mechanism with peer technology development teams.
  • In 2017

    Fullymax obtained QC080000-2017 certification and was rewarded as “"National High-tech Enterprise"of China.

    Fullymax successfully developed 4.4V high discharge rate & 80C Li-po Battery

  • In 2015
    Fullymax successfully produced mass-batch Smart Li-po Battery
  • In 2013

    Fullymax expanded the production scale and officially settled in Dongjiang Industrial Zone, Huicheng District, Huizhou City

    Fullymax successfully produced mass-batch high energy density Li-po Battery

  • In 2012
    Fullymax successfully produced mass-batch low temperature Li-po Battery
  • In 2011
    Fullymax obtained IS9001 certification
  • In 2010
    Fullymax successfully developed 60C Li-po Battery
  • In 2007
    Fullymax successfully developed 30C Li-po Battery
  • In 2006
    Fullymax successfully produced li-po cell indepently
  • In 2001
    Fullymax was founded, only produced nickle-metal hydride battery
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    ISO14001 Environmental Management System
    ISO9001 Quality Management System
    Hazardous Substance Process Management System
    Occupational Health And Safety Management System